Slips for Sale or Lease

There is limited boat slip availability at Newport Yacht Basin both for lease and for sale. However, that can change from day to day due with vacancies popping up (people moving, deciding to sell etc.) For liability  reasons, the Board of Directors have decided that NYBA cannot post listings from owners advertising slips on the NYBA website. For lease or for sale.

Here are some sources for locating slips at Newport Yacht Basin:

Craig’s List  This is likely the best source for up to date availability. Most owners of slips use Craig's List to advertise slips for lease and for sale.

Outside Bulletin Board Owners often post slips for lease or sale on the bulletin board outside of the marina office. Be aware that slips are often snatched up the same day and the notices sometimes remain after the slip is spoken for so this is not always current information.

RK Investments (RKI)  Tracey Craig works both for the NYBA and for RKI. She often has information on availability. Since RKI sells marine properties., this would be a good source if you’re looking to buy a slip.

Seattle Boat Seattle Boat owns the Cobalt dealership and service facilities, the racked storage, and gas dock at Newport. They also own nearly 100 of the 414 slips here. Check with them on availability for both lease and for sale.